Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love to share

Trying my hand at blogging about home cooking once again. I had a hobby website that I posted random recipes everyday. My occupation (as in day job) made it difficult to plan and post so often. The cost also started to be burden. In this blog I will try to post ,every few days, a full meal menu with recipes. These will be actual menus from my home kitchen. If you want to eat the best tasting food, cook at home. You have control over the quality and quantity of ingredients. You control the fat and salt content. You also really keep the cost of eating down. Cooking mostly from scratch (I'll suggest worth while convenience foods) will always be more economical than carry out or restaurant food. You also control the safety and sanitation of the meals you consume at home when you are in charge of the kitchen. Think about these things. Be mentally prepared to cook most of your own meals. Check back here for ideas on great home cooking.

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